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Autism – Covers a Wide Variety of Topics  This website is becoming a database for research.  It has you enter your child’s strengths, symptom information and treatment responses.  The website them provides you information about what others with similar profiles have used and found helpful.  Its in its beginning stages now, but could be a very helpful resource with more use from the intended audience. ~ as the name implies, topics helpful to individuals 16 and over  (for the general site) or TACA website links for a COMPLETE list of autism links for a variety of topics and organizations

Autism Apps

Autism Speaks List – click here for a list of apps that may be helpful to individuals with autism.

Conferences – Check out the upcoming conferences for the Autism Research Institute! – Watch or download past ARI conference presentations for FREE!

Diet & Nutrition

Low Oxalate Diet

Education & Therapy

Positively Autism  – Positively Autism’s Collection of Autism ABA Materials, Lesson Plans, Data Sheets, Games, Work Tasks, and Other Educational Resources for Students with Autism.

Safety – A new site sponsored by NAA to help keep individuals with autism safe

Science & Research

Shopping – dvd’s to improve speech and social skills

Vaccine Information