Social Skills

The Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation (AAAF) does not recommend, refer or endorse any resource, therapeutic method or provider listed on this site.  Any information provided does not replace the advice of medical, legal or any other professionals.  AAAF strongly recommends that you perform you own research with your physician, attorney’s etc. to determine which resources are appropriate for your loved one with autism.  AAAF reserves the right to remove resources that have numerous complaints against them.

ABLE Academy

Naples ~239-352-7600

Advanced Mental Health Services

Naples & Fort Myers ~ 239-287-8493

Eden Autism Services ~ 

Eden Autism Services is now offering a social skills group for children age 8 – 12.  This group will address a wide variety of social skills including things such as:  how to make and maintain friends, initiating conversation, maintaining the give and take of conversations, recognizing emotions in self, coping skills for dealing with emotions, recognizing emotions of others, and much more!  This may be covered by insurance – call for more information.

Fort Myers & Naples ~ 239-992-4680

Hale Therapy Service, Inc.

Fort Myers ~239-561-2778

Katz Counseling and Educational Psychology~ Dr. Nolan Katz & Dr. Sheba Katz

Both Drs. Nolan & Sheba Katz serve on the board of the Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation and provide psychological services to the Southwest Florida Community.  As owners and service providers at Katz Counseling & Educational Psychology (KCEP), they strive to improve the well-being of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) as well as provide supportive services for their families.  KCEP specializes in the assessment and treatment of ASD, and is committed to helping people with ASD be productive and independent members of society and the workforce.

Fort Myers ~ 239-247-1756

Kid Spirit

Fort Myers ~ 239-337-5437

Peace by Piece Learning Center

North Fort Myers ~ 239-652-4323

Seeds for Hope, LLC

Fort Myers ~ 239-989-4054

Silver Psychology Center

Fort Myers ~ 239-936-1336

Social Skills Group ~ Ages 8-12

Maria J. Perez, LMHC and Beth Miller, RMHCI ~ 239-464-8793 or visit us at

Vursatyle Youth Solutions

Cape Coral ~ 239-297-8301

younglife Cpernaum ~ Young Life’s ministry for kids with special needs

Naples ~ 272-2774  ~