Autism Specialists(ARI – Formerly DAN!)/Integrative Medicine Doctors

The Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation (AAAF) does not recommend, refer or endorse any resource, therapeutic method or provider listed on this site.  Any information provided does not replace the advice of medical, legal or any other professionals.  AAAF strongly recommends that you perform you own research with your physician, attorney’s etc. to determine which resources are appropriate for your loved one with autism.  AAAF reserves the right to remove resources that have numerous complaints against them.

For  a complete list of US doctors click here:

Creations Own ~ Dan Rossignol, MD (moving to CA)

Melbourne, FL ~ 321-259-7111

Vitality Wellness Center ~ Andrew Levinson, MD

Miami Beach, FL ~ 305-466-1100

Wholistic Pediatrics ~ David Berger, MD

Tampa, FL ~ 813-960-3415