Behavioral Interventions – ABA/Verbal Behavior

The Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation (AAAF) does not recommend, refer or endorse any resource, therapeutic method or provider listed on this site.  Any information provided does not replace the advice of medical, legal or any other professionals.  AAAF strongly recommends that you perform you own research with your physician, attorney’s etc. to determine which resources are appropriate for your loved one with autism.  AAAF reserves the right to remove resources that have numerous complaints against them.

A Behavioral Approach, Inc. –  Jean Louis, BCBA

Lehigh Acres/Lee County ~ 239-333-7867

ABLE Academy

Naples ~ 239-352-7600

Brenda Baker, BCBA

Fort Myers ~ 239-784-3741

Building Blocks

Naples ~ 239-434-9512

Butterfly Effects

SWFL ~ 954-603-7885

Katz Counseling and Educational Psychology ~ Dr. Nolan Katz & Dr. Sheba Katz

Both Drs. Nolan & Sheba Katz serve on the board of the Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation and provide psychological services to the Southwest Florida Community.  As owners and service providers at Katz Counseling & Educational Psychology (KCEP), they strive to improve the well-being of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) as well as provide supportive services for their families.  KCEP specializes in the assessment and treatment of ASD, and is committed to helping people with ASD be productive and independent members of society and the workforce.

Fort Myers ~ 239-247-1756

Lily Academy 

Fort Myers ~ 239-337-9328

Lovell-Glaser Behavior Therapy LLC ~

Lauren Lovell ~

Lee County ~ 239-249-1840

Melissa Estenson, BCBA

Naples ~ 239-961-1803

Michele Perry – Associate Behavior Analyst

Cape Coral ~ 239-565-6848

NBI – Neuro Behavioral Institute

Weston, FL ~ 954-217-1757

Peace by Piece

Fort Myers ~ 239-245-8731

Silver Psychology Center

Fort Myers ~ 239-936-1336

South Florida Behavior Consultants

North Fort Myers ~ 239-770-2467

The Tridas Center

Tampa ~ 813-876-8316

Vursatyle Youth Solutions

Cape Coral ~ 239-297-8301