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Community Resource Network of Florida, Inc.

Telephone; 239-415-7400
Service area; From Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Collier counties.
Description about PCA services;

Community Resource Network of Florida provides, Medicaid Personal Care Assistance. Service is available to all individuals under age 21 who can benefit from before and/or after school/early evening care while guardians are at work/school and can sometimes be available during middays when school is not in session.  Requirements are cognitive delay and even behavioral interference that deems individual not able to care for own personal care needs including meal-preparation, consumption, bathing, dressing, hygiene.  Medicaid uses the term, “medical necessity” when approving such service, however, Autism and other developmental disabilities oftentimes results in the inability to provide self-care without training and guidance.  While families have been on long Med-Waiver wait lists, this Medicaid paid service has been instrumental for children and their families.  Individuals must be Medicaid recipients and must be unable to provide self-care when guardian(s) is not available.  Service is typically available during typical times that personal care tasks would be appropriate.  Before and after school/evenings.

Devereux Florida Development Office
(407) 362-9210

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