Flamingo Fundraiser

Annual Pink Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser – Check back in April 2013 to place your flocking orders! 

There are 3 ways to make a difference – just click on your selection.

1. Become a Sponsor – see the benefits of sponsorship

2. Flock someone for autism -  place a flock delivery order or purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance.  Our official flocking season will open up every April to commemorate Autism Awareness Month.  You may contact us if you have any special off-season flocking requests.2013 Flamingo Flocking Order Form

~ Warning ~

Your home or business could be in the flight path!  Fortunately, these flamingos do not stay in one place for long.  Should you wake up to find a flock of pink flamingos on your lawn, don’t panic.  With a suggested donation of $30, our flocking crew will arrive within about 48 hours to remove our pink feathered friends…and they will be on their way to the next lawn….of your choosing.  Of course, the flamingos will be removed regardless of donation, so please don’t harm our friends.

Have a flamingo phobia?

Don’t fear!  The purchase of anti-flocking insurance spares your home or business the embarrassment of blushing in various shades of pink.  The cost of this insurance requires a premium donation of only $50.  You can purchase this online by clicking on #2 above.  Or you can print the Anti-Flocking Insurance flyer here:  ANTI-FLOCK INSURANCE

Keep checking back for Flocking directions and events!  If you are interested in sponsoring or participating in our event please send an e-mail to info@adonisautism.org or call Beth at 239-671-5387.

Your support will change lives!