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This looks like a valuable conference for all pediatric MD’s!  (I bet it would be good for adult MD’s too to service current and future adults with autism.)  Please feel free to share as you see fit!

MAPS Spectrum Standard of Care Conference 2012
March 2-4 Las Vegas, Nevada
Dear Parent,

There is busy, then there is “parent of a child with ASD” busy. We would not ask you to do “one more thing” unless it was really important – something that could really help both your child and thousands of other children in our ASD community. And it is really easy to do… 

Please introduce your child’s physician to MAPS – the Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs.

Having a chance to be part of one of the most extensive physician training programs for Autism Spectrum Disorders and chronic medical conditions is an exciting opportunity. And once you read about our goals – you will be excited, too.

We would like you to invite your child’s physician to join us at the MAPS Spectrum of Care Conference being held March 2 – 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada (CME credits are available for medical professionals).

This conference has brought in an A-list of educators – all the top researchers and physicians in the field of autism. Dan Rossignol, M.D., FAAFP and MAPS President has committed to working with our faculty, Drs. Berger (MAPS Vice President), Usman, Van De Water, Frye, Quig, and Herbert to create a program that combines the latest in evidence-based autism research with practical clinical application that will help your physician be best prepared to implement what is presented – and to best care for your child. This conference will provide your local physician with the research, tools and mentorship to help your child and many others in our community.

An important part of conference training is to help physicians understand what families living with autism need and how to best serve our children.Parents will be presenting this valuable information to educate your doctor on how to better understand the demands you face.

You can make a difference in two easy steps:

First, recommend your practitioner for MAPS membership through this or use our refer button on the right..

Second, forward this email to your physician and personally invite him/her to attend.

If you and your physician would like more information about MAPS or the upcoming Standard of Care conference, please visit us

Again, thank you for taking part in helping us get the word out. We know how busy, and yet, how important you are. Practical education for our doctors will have the greatest impact on meeting the needs of our ASD community. And the day you call your physician your “MAPS Doctor”, you will know that you played a vital role in getting the best possible care for your child.

Thank-you for your support,
The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS)

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